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Mr. Thompson

Mr. Thompson

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Social Engineering – “Life in Plastic is Fantasic”

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Advertising directed toward children has been a concern for marketers, researchers and policy-makers for decades. The attention and concern is not without justification. Children see a great deal of advertising. Moore and Lutz (2000) reported that children in the age range of six to fourteen see an estimated 20,000 advertisements each year.


Advertising practitioners recognize this and are more than willing to target children.

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Advertisements are known to have an impact on children, both consumption-related and unrelated to the product advertised. Increasing attention has been focused on the impact of advertising on children which is not directly related to the product. Advertisements have been linked to children’s self image, self concept, motivation and performance.


Of increasing concern is the impact of role models in advertising on children.

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Kelloggs Freckles

Kelloggs Freckles

Kelloggs Top Cat

McLaren F1 2013

McLaren F1 Car 2013

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Peeping Tom Poster

Peeping Tom Poster

‘Gog’, is reg…


‘Gog’, is regarded as one of the most groundbreaking and influential commercials of the 2000s, and received more awards from the television and advertising industries than any commercial in history. Its success was blighted, however, by persistent accusations of plagiarism by Peter Fischli and David Weiss, the creators of The Way Things Go (1987).

In May 2003, Fischli and Weiss threatened legal action against Honda. The artists felt that the ad’s creators had “obviously seen” their film, and should have consulted them. Fischli and Weiss had refused several requests to use the film for commercial purposes, though Honda claimed that this was irrelevant as their permission was not needed to create new works with some elements similar to their previous works. Honda’s advertising firm Wieden+Kennedy eventually admitted to copying a sequence of weighted tires rolling uphill. The controversy was blamed for denying ‘Cog’ a Grand Prix at the 2004 Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

alfred gescheidt. from a series on how to stop smoking. 1964

alfred gescheidt. from a series on how to stop smoking. 1964

alfred gescheidt 'untitled' 1964. From a series of how to stop smoking

alfred gescheidt 'untitled' 1964. From a series of how to stop smoking

the leader of the dodge rebellion 1967

the leader of the dodge rebellion 1967